Weather is the effect of mental causes. Severe weather is often caused by collective disturbed mortal thought manifested as dissension within a nation or between nations. It is the effect of general political upheaval. Nations that have never before experienced tornadoes have suddenly had regular occurrences of such disturbed weather, and it is suggested that this phenomena can be correlated to the timing of increased political tensions among the peoples of those nations.

Mrs. Eddy teaches us that sickness or disease is the result of upheaval in thought, and that the way to effect a cure is through an improved understanding that man is spiritual, not material, and that the one Mind is man’s Mind. Because this Mind is always expressing health, wholeness, peace, and correct activity, we too experience the same qualities in Life. Improved thought brings healing and freedom from both disease and severe weather.  

We need to refuse to be a part of any collective mental upheaval by understanding that all men and women live in and express the one Mind. We do not seek a coming together of many mortal minds, but rather, the need is to understand the allness of the one Mind, and to claim the inherent harmony of all spiritual ideas which are held in God’s consciousness. This will bring healing of dissension in both our country and the world, as well as bringing more balance to disturbed weather patterns. Man cannot personally control the weather. He must recognize that God alone controls the weather, and that there is no bad weather in God’s kingdom.

Disturbed thinking of any type is the effect of animal magnetism trying to gain a foothold in thought. Animal magnetism is just a term in the dictionary and possesses no power or life except that which we give it by allowing it to present itself as false ideas such as bad weather. We have to stand up to aggressive mental suggestion and see that it has no power because all power belongs to omnipotent Mind. The one Mind comprises our thinking, and we have the power of this Mind to cast out the false claims of aggressive mental suggestion. God controls His universe and does so with complete harmony.