I looked out of my office window this morning and gazed upon a beautiful Magnolia blossom on the little tree outside. Christian Science teaches us that when we spiritualize our concept of beauty and no longer see beauty as residing in the flower, the matter representative of beauty lasts and lasts because the spiritual idea of beautify is eternal. The result of such thinking is that flowers may last for weeks instead of days.
This same metaphysical concept is true of love...and supply...and success in business...and relationships with others. When we grasp that these attributes reside in the one consciousness, our consciousness because it is God’s consciousness, they are forever ours. We don’t assign these gifts to a companion, to money, to jobs, or to the personalities of others. Because God is infinite, all good qualities and ideas which you could ever humanly conceive of are infinite also, and ever-present. So gaze out on something beautiful in God’s creation today and understand that it’s origin and beauty are in God, not the object. And dwell on its permanence.

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